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Taj Ambar

When she’s not consulting clients or creating an elevated experience, Taj, the latest designer in HOT (house of Taj) fashion, adds to her professional portfolio new and exciting projects that appeal to the avid fashion enthusiast. Her burgeoning clothing line, Taj Ambar, has been seen on the runways of NYC’s fashion week and styled for multiple celebrity appearances. Her tenure in the fashion industry, which includes sought-after celebrity showrooms such as BPCM, earned Taj a wealth of opportunities, including a chance to style the line for editorial campaigns.

As an innovative entrepreneur, with an insatiable desire for pursuing creative goals and exploring new ideas, Taj knows what it means to hustle. With the added experience in events, and entertainment industries as both a worker and as a consultant, she artfully manages logistics to build brand awareness. Whether she’s offering her services in events or creating a plan of action for fashion, Taj works tirelessly to serve her client’s by integrating their needs with her own creative expertise to provide the elevated experience that captivates them all.

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